Saturday, 3 March 2012

All Normal!!

I am happy to say that all the Chihuahuas (7 Chis) that we brought in today for CERF eye exams with Opthamologist Dr Bruce Grahn (Professor at U of Sask) are all Normal! :) We brought in Apollo, Maya, Starlet, Angel, Dolly, Betty Boop, and Prada. :) Most of them all have their cardiac and patella clearances too, and the ones that don't will get that done this coming week.

We feel strongly about health testing all of our Chihuahuas, as this ensures a healthier puppy!!
Heart, Eye and Patella certification are the three requirements for Chihuahua CHIC (Canine Health Information Center) Certification numbers and are searchable in a public database.

We health test and certify all of our Chihuahuas for Heart and Patella (OFA certification) and Eye (CERF certification).

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